Marcela's Grave Care

Monument Landscaping

Monument Landscaping

Monument LandscapingMonument LandscapingMonument Landscaping

Services Offered

Love, Care & Support

Carry on the love you have for your deceased family member by using my services to maintain a beautiful  memorial at their grave site. 

Weeding & Planting

Maintaining the site by removing weeds and planting stunning flowers that best reflect your loved one's interests and favourite colours to remember them by.

Garden Design

Each site is landscaped in a unique design with various plants, small trees, mulch, arrangements and more. 

Trimming, Edging & Prunning

Each site will have a clean and finished look with our edging tools that create a beautiful and elegant boarder around the flower beds. 


This local business is run with the help of very few employees, who have great detail and understanding of the family and deceased individual in order to carry out tasks with the memory of their life in mind.

Clean Finishing

Each site will be polished and complete with a new layer of dirt and mulch to provide ample opportunity for flowers to grow in remembrance of your loved one.

About Us

Our commitment to you is to provide reliable, loving care to your family's or friends' resting place with the same loyal and compassionate care you would yourself.If you are just too far away, find it difficult to manage the work, or simply find visiting too emotional, we can help you in the knowledge that the Monument Landscaping will be conducted with both care and dignity.

Rest assured with Peace of mind is that Marcela’s Grave Care staff is Fully Bonded

Say thank you to your lost parent on either Mother/Father’s day or birthday by providing a “thank you” visitThere are many reasons you may choose Marcela's Grave Care. They can be any of the following:

You are unable to care for the grave site.
You live out of town and want peace of mind knowing that everything is cared for.
Family and other demands make it difficult for you to make the time.
You may simply find visiting too emotional at this time.
You’ve recently lost your loved one and don’t know where to go



I just returned from the cemetery. It looks better in person. Thanks again for a job well done. Also thank your son.

It was really nice to meet you...I feel bad that I talked so much, I don't know what came over me! But it just seemed so natural - you seemed so natural and I felt such a 'goodness' coming from you. That

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